Serum and Mask

Revitalizing Capsules
7GF Restorative capsules. EGF renewal serum capsules. Whiten capsules. Time reversing capsules.5GF restorative capsules. Anti-aging capsules. Wrinkle reducing capsules. Skin recovery capsules. Skin care capsules.
Collagen Face Mask/ Eye Patch
Collagen face mask. Crystal skin care mask. Collagen facial mask. Hydrolyzed skin protein mask. Eye mask. Eye patch. Crystal eye patch.
SZ-two white water tender moisturizing group (E778)
new generation of formula to strengthen the moisturizing effect is excellent Water-based wet part-hyaluronic acid and silk protein, more added can prevent skin aging hydrolyzed pearl and silk protein, not only have more excellent moisturizing efficacy, But can improve skin fine lines, let skin recover the water tender meticulous, prevent aging happened earlier.
Amino Acid Serum
Apply the lotion on face and neck in ultrasonic introduction in the morning and evening.
Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) Serum
Provides gentle care and protection for skin, instantly improves skin conditions and enhances protection for skin.
Hexapeptide Serum
Contains rich botanical extracts. Leaves the skin soft and radiant. Nourishes the skin, reduces signs of aging and enhances skin repair.
Collagen Serum
Contains rich amino acid and moisturizing factor, momentally penetrates into skin and retain moisture...
Vitamin Complex Serum
Contain natural essence to promptly access to skin base, deeply firm skin with flexibility, effectively rehydrate and repair skin.