Energy Products

Nano Energy Cup
The common purified water is of macromolecule group water with acidity, none of mineral element. If you drink it for long term, the immunity will be brought down.
Beauty Ball
- Skin softness and moisturize effect - Promotion of health effect - Antibiotics effect - Decontamination of the tub and cleaning effect - Promote the blood circulation - Activate cell - Overcome the fatigue - Relief the pain - Remove the remained chlorine - Magic π stone water
Energy Pendant
that nutrients move in and wastes move out of cells at peak efficiency, with obvious benefits to the functioning of the cells.
Alkaline Water Ionizer Stick
Water stick. Nano ionized water stick. Portable alkaline water stick. Water ionizing stick. Energy water stick. Alkaline ion water stick. Stainless steel water stick. Tourmaline water stick
Detox Foot Patch
Detox foot patch. Health foot pad. Herbal detox patch. Bamboo Vinegar detox foot patch. Natural Serum purging foot patch.
Energy Shower Head
Energy shower head. Skin care shower head. Tourmaline shower head. Germanium shower head. Fragrance energy shower head. Mineral shower head. Germanium filter shower head. SPA multifunctional shower head.
Energy Bracelet
Titanium bracelet. Germanium bracelet. Scalar energy bracelet. FIR energy bracelet. Magnet bracelet. Health care bracelet. Lava stone bracelet. BIO magnetic bracelet.
Washing Ball
Tourmaline washing ball. Environmental friendly washing ball. Laundry washing ball. Detergent washing ball. Fragrance washing ball. Negative ion washing ball.
Balance Bracelet
Energy balance bracelet. Negative ion bracelet. Energy wristband. Silicon ion bracelet. Scalar quantum bracelet. Sport energy bracelet. FIR energy bracelet.