Aromatherapy Night Lamp
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Aroma Reed Diffuser
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Aroma Diffuser
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Reed diffuser
The aromatic oils are absorbed up through the slender willow reeds and realeased naturally, enhancing every moment of everyday with splendid fragrance that lasts up to four months. (depending on your surroundings) Enhance the decor of any space you like. Reed Diffuser is great for those "no candle zones" such as offics, dorm rooms and homes with young children. It has many fragrances, such as ocean, rose, lavender and so on. It will make you feel comfortable and fresh.
Aroma stone
Aroma Stones Soothe Your Surroundings. An attractive and unique way to apply aromatherapy to beautifully enhance your home. The natural clay, working with oil extract, cast a relaxing scent throughout any room. Especially beneficial in the bedroom to promote restful sleep. Includes one-ounce bottle of scented oil to refresh aroma stones. Nicely priced so you can keep several on hand to give as gifts!
rattan diffuser reed stick
Infuse your home with new life with a fresh reed diffuser Add scents of vanilla, lavender and orange blossom beyond any air freshener Pamper yourself with some aromatic personal care Reed diffusers have no flame, smoke and do not burn Perfect for dorm rooms, office spaces or any room in your house Set of three 4-ounce diffusers, each lasting for two to four months Includes, vanilla bean, lavender fields and orange blossom flavors OEM design is welcomed. We can make design based on customer requirements.
Beech reed diffuser
USES: under the sweet atmosphere oil to purify the air bar transmission, suitable for the car, office, or home any corner.