Beauty Products

Crystal Clay. Rainbow Clay
SAP-Super Absorbent Polymer, Rainbow crystal clay, Crystal clay Clay, Crystal soil, Perfume crystal clay, Aroma clay, Aroma crystal clay, Irish diamond soil
Beauty Ball
- Skin softness and moisturize effect - Promotion of health effect - Antibiotics effect - Decontamination of the tub and cleaning effect - Promote the blood circulation - Activate cell - Overcome the fatigue - Relief the pain - Remove the remained chlorine - Magic π stone water
Revitalizing Capsules
7GF Restorative capsules. EGF renewal serum capsules. Whiten capsules. Time reversing capsules.5GF restorative capsules. Anti-aging capsules. Wrinkle reducing capsules. Skin recovery capsules. Skin care capsules.
Collagen Face Mask/ Eye Patch
Collagen face mask. Crystal skin care mask. Collagen facial mask. Hydrolyzed skin protein mask. Eye mask. Eye patch. Crystal eye patch.
SZ-two white water tender moisturizing group (E778)
new generation of formula to strengthen the moisturizing effect is excellent Water-based wet part-hyaluronic acid and silk protein, more added can prevent skin aging hydrolyzed pearl and silk protein, not only have more excellent moisturizing efficacy, But can improve skin fine lines, let skin recover the water tender meticulous, prevent aging happened earlier.
Dryer Ball
Washing dryer ball, cloth dryer ball, laundry ball
Beauty Hip Cushion
Hip push up cushion. Beauty seat cushion.
Baby Monitor
Baby monitor which can monitor the child's action in the other room
Massage Bed
PU surface,for masage,for SPA. Convenient to take